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About BME Mauriange

BME Mauriange is a Franco-Swedish artist who grew up primarily in France, Sweden, and Germany. Drawing has always been a part of his upbringing, captivating and occupying him from a young age.

As a self-taught artist, he has developed his own artistic style through hard work, repetition, and a desire to strive for something better and of higher quality, never satisfied with his previous work. He has sought feedback from professionals in visual arts such as comics, graphic art, digital art, and photography.

His style is characterized by vibrant colors, intricate details, and clean lines, all while aiming for a certain simplicity. Rarely leaving blank spaces on a page, he is driven by a desire to infuse life with color. According to him, life is more beautiful in colors than in black and white. His aspiration is to convey pleasure, joy, and wonder through his drawings.

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