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Welcome to the WAATittyMatrix Enigma Game.

Hunt the enigmas following TittyMatrix adventures.
Discover the character of the WAAT Rabbit and 
follow its instructions.

Before starting our enigmas game, please read the terms and conditions of use.

By starting this promotional game you agree to these terms and conditions.

⚠️ To avoid any scams, we will ONLY share the enigmas and clues by creating a Vault3 application token gate to share files exclusively with "TittyMatrix and The Snek" NFT holder (using a policy ID as access condition). We will share the one and only official access links on our website and social medias.

Vault3 is an application which provides the safety to share files securely in a resctricted community.

Know more about

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Enigma 1    03.31.2024


VAULT3 Token gate links

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if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes,

tittymatrix wishes you all the courage in your quest.

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