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waaTeddy & The Bear market 


WAAT tells the story of two main characters, Teddy and TittyMatrix. The project takes place in an atmosphere merging the ancient world of magic and alchemy with the new world of the crypto Matrix. WAAT invites people in an immersive, entertaining and deep-thinking adventure placing art at the forefront of this experience.
The project will be available on the Cardano blockchain.


In this mysterious NFT collection, called "WAATeddy & The Bear Market",

you will have the chance to embark on a magical adventure. 


  • Based on WAATeddy's fairytale

  • A free to play video game

  • An enigma hunt

  • Create a collective brain

  • Solve the enigmas collectively

  • Get a chance to win the rewards


Get ready for an amazing adventure with Teddy

and his friends! It's going to be a mystical journey.

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1. Once upon a time, Teddy and 

2. Writting WAATeddy's

4. Creation of the 

5. TittyMatrix

6. Starting the development of the

8. NFT drawing and creation.

3. Creation of the enigmas.

11. Rewarding

7. Growing the WAAT community.

9. Mint phase Q4 2024.

10. Launching the

TittyMatrix were created.


and discord.

social medias, website

for Teddy.

raises funds


video game based on WAATeddy's

video game.



Almost like a family thing, the created team combines forces to develop an artistic, long-term and mysterious project. The team was initially built around the artist’s work.

BME Teddy.png

Franco-Swedish artist. Super creative, his life experiences are as distinguished as his art. BME is an artist who thinks deep and expresses complexity by harmonizing details. More than pieces of art, BME conveys messages and invites his viewers to think. Read more about BME here.

BME Mauriange

NFT Artist & Founder

BME Teddy Valeriane.png

Specialised in HR and International Business, she gives structure to ideas. Freelancing as an international recruiter, that woman knows how to build a strong team. With an anticipatory and analytical mind, her goal is to bring communication, structure and transparency to the project.


Business Partner & Co-founder

BME Teddy Etienne.png

Specialised in Finance & Business Strategy, he has entrepreneurship in his blood. He has been in cryptos for almost a decade and has proven his expertise with a pragmatic and logical mind. His role is being a precious strategy advisor.


Strategy advisor

BME E-Teddy.png




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