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We are all tittymatrix

💰 enigma game reward treasury 💰
At the moment

$ADA    : 370

$SNEK   : 350,000

$FREN   : 30,000,000

$HOSKY  : 5,000,000,000

$DGAF   : 3,500,000

TOTAL   : 760$                              23.06.2024

Promoted and gamified by an enigma game, this Art collection project pays tribute to Cardano and some of its legendary projects. 

In accordance with our values, we'll be totally transparent about every step of our enigma game. We pledge to protect and cherish the WAATitty community.

enigma game

Wake up, WAAT...

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the ART

TittyMatrix and The Snek

  • 5,555 unique NFTs    

  • 100 ADA/unit     

Available now on


"Blockchain technology is the future. It's the tsunami that's going to disrupt the way the money matrix in our modern societies works. It's the beginning of a new world. The meme coins and shit coins are a perfect demonstration of the power of communities commitment to cryptocurrencies."


Image printing tip for your future NFT:

  • Use a dpi (dot per inch) conversion site for images.
    exemple :

  • Convert the NFT image to a minimum of 600 dpi for ideal results.

The Titteam


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